Monday, 27 May 2013

Sally Hansen and Sparkles

So I've decided that I may as well do something useful while I'm in the student version of solitary confinement. I'm growing my nails. (Yes, I'm sorry, it's another nail post. I would write about something else, but not leaving my room doesn't really inspire much in the way of material.) Anyway, my housemate did a bit of spring cleaning the other day and on lifting up his bed, he found a full bottle of Sally Hansen maximum growth polish! He was pretty bemused since he has no need of nail polish and we were under the impression the tenants before us were all male, but I took it as a sign that someone was suggesting I did something useful with my revision time...

I've now been using the polish every day for about a week (as per the bottle instructions) and I have to say, I've noticed an improvement. My nails, normally flakey and ripped, seem to appear stronger and even the polish hasn't chipped around the edges. However, it is a tad dull on the colour front, so I may have added a little sparkle.

These sparkles come in tiny little bottles and just need to be dabbed onto damp polish. I found them on one of my many internet wonderings and thought they'd be interesting to try out. I have to admit, I'm rather taken in by them! I can't remember where exactly I found them, but if you google 'nail supplies' I'm sure you'll come across something similar!

Anyway, I hope you're all having a much better time than I am now and are getting ready to say hello to summer (with beautifully grown nails, of course)!

P.S- 10 days until my last exam and freedom! Wish me luck!

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