Sunday, 16 June 2013

Lucky Chip at the Player Bar

After watching The Book of Mormon, Marcus and I found that all that laughing had made us somewhat peckish. Therefore Marcus whisked me away to Lucky Chip, a now permanent pop-up at the Player in Soho serving oh-so-delicious sliders. These mini burgers were heaven on a plate. I'm not a huge burger girl, but these were truly scrummy. The meat was juicy, pink and packed with flavour while the brioche buns were not in the least soggy. They came with a selection of extra fillings and a side order of fries which happily complimented the flavoursome morsels.

Very content, we nibbled on our buns while sipping cocktails (I had a 'Penicillin' while Marcus had a 'Mexican Breakfast'), absorbing our lively surroundings and endlessly reminiscing over the spectacle we'd just witnessed. This was a truly lovely end to a fantastic evening. 

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