Saturday, 27 July 2013

Newmarket Races: Labrinth and Little Mix

Nothing defines a British summer more than braving an open air concert. Growing up, my family and I would pack a picnic, grab out summer frocks (and a large umbrella) and head off to watch 'Last Night at the Proms' style events in the local villages. Yesterday evening, my mother and I decided to head off for a slight variant on this and made tracks to the races! 

Newmarket Racecourse holds a string of events throughout the summer called 'Newmarket Nights.' These essentially involve an evening of horse racing followed by a band or two- last night we went to see Labrinth who was supported by Little Mix.

Our evening was great fun. We floated around the enclosure observing the horses about to speed down the track and attempted to sound knowledgeable about which horse would do well (we were surprisingly right two out of three times, much to our delight!), then dashed to the barrier just as they came thundering down the course. This was followed by watching the winning horses have a wash down while the jockeys collected their trophies.  

After watching a few races, we retired to the car to have a 'boot picnic' before getting into position for the impending concert.

We managed to bag ourselves a spot in the grandstand along side the stage, so we were really close for the sets which was exciting. Little Mix were surprisingly good and really got the crowd going, but the real star of the show was Labrinth whose versatile set had the crowd dancing to his tune. His solo rendition of 'Beneath your Beautiful' inspired a sea of lighters and phone screens to twinkle across the audience while his encore of 'Earthquake' whipped the onlooking throng into a frenzy. After jumping, swaying and bopping our way through the two sets, my mother and I wandered back to the car happily chatting about the night we'd just had.

I'd highly recommend Newmarket Nights- the racing is exhilarating and the evening concerts all have brilliant line ups (Kasabian is playing next week!). Finally, making it that little bit more attractive, it's also amazing value for money.

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