Monday, 16 September 2013

The Soho Hotel: Refuel Bar and Restaurant

My mother and my godmother both have rather a taste for fine dining and so this weekend I joined them at The Soho Hotel for lunch at Refuel. This was to be my second visit to the restaurant and so I was looking forwards to a delicious lunch.

The restaurant itself is light, bright and decorated in a really fun manner. The bar is colourful and there are shelves full of technicoloured  fuel cans which give the restaurant a bit of a quirky feel, suitable for its Soho surroundings. The chairs I also feel are worth a mention- some are adorably upholstered in a green tartan with little bears sewn on the back which I absolutely love!

After we were shown to our seats, we started to peruse the champaign set menu. Now, I know that set menus can sometimes be a tad limiting, but we each happily found things we wanted to eat. Both starters and mains had the option for either a meat, fish and veggie plate which I felt meant there was something for everybody. I opted for the soup of the day (leek and potato- yum!) and a chicken dish, both of which I found very palatable despite maybe not being the prettiest of dishes.

At the end of our meal (we had two course- it was lunch after all!) we were offered a selection of mini ice creams and sorbets in cones which was a lovely and unexpected way to round off our meal. To further our surprise, the bartender very sweetly sent over a round of expresso martinis. Upon investigation, my mother found out I had once met the bar tended some time ago and he'd very kindly recognised me and decided to treat us!

All in all I really enjoyed my lunch at Refuel and it definitely lived up to my previous experience. The staff were friendly and attentive, the food delicious and the atmosphere wonderfully relaxed. I look forwards to future visits!

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