Sunday, 13 October 2013

Richard O’Brien’s Rocky Horror Show

I first heard about The Rocky Horror Show a few years ago when my friend said she was going to the theatre to see a "Kinda musical horror film."Following this, she whipped a corset and some fishnets out of her bag and asked if I thought it was appropriate attire for the show. I was a little surprised but was assured that "The entire crowd dresses like this!" I took her word for it and promptly went home and watched the film version, where I was whisked away into a world of suspender supporting men and wacky dance moves. Since then, I've been desperate to see the film brought to life on stage. Last Friday, I finally got my chance!

We got our tickets rather last minute and so we weren't all that prepared. We grabbed what we could out of my wardrobe and Marcus and I got ready slightly apprehensively- what if no one actually dressed up to go watch the show? What if we were the only ones? Bravely, we dabbed on our glitter and I hoisted up my stockings before leaving the house wrapped tightly in my trench coat. However when we arrived at the theatre, our fears fell away as we glimpsed a man walking around in nothing but stockings and a shirt! Soon, another followed, garbed in a feather boa and lacy corset. Then there was a hen party, all dressed in matching tutus and sparkly top hats. Suddenly, if anything, I felt rather underdressed! We took our seats just as the music started and the show began.

Getting ready for the show- I'm corseted up and M is covered in glitter! 

The show was fantastic. The entire cast (staring Dani Harmer, Phillip Franks and Oliver Thornton), threw themselves into their characters, making you believe you were really there in that old, scary castle surrounded by cross dressing eccentrics. But what was really great was how the entire audience got involved. When the music for "The Time Warp" started up, many people jumped to their feet to dance along. The Narrator (Franks)  dealt with hecklers amazingly, making the entire audience break down in laughter at his quick witted responses.

During the interval, Marcus and I headed to the lobby where we met some of the other show-goers. One rather enthusiastic individual had dressed up as Rocky (gold hot pants and all!) and was prancing around the bar, much to the amusement of many of the people waiting for drinks. Everyone was chatting with each other, admiring each other's costumes and requesting photos. I've never seen a theatre audience get quite so friendly with each other! However, before long we were heading back to our seats.

The second half of the show was as lively as the first. The heckles continued and the actors performed their parts brilliantly. Finally, the show came to an end with another round of 'The Time Warp' (everybody was singing along and doing all the movements!) and a last rendition of "Sweet Transvestite', to much excitement of the crowd.

The Rocky Horror Show is a bit of a cult classic. It obviously has a wide following of enthusiastic individuals and it is these patrons who help make the show feel so electrically lively. I couldn't recommend it highly enough so don your hold ups and get down to a production near you!