Monday, 4 November 2013

Bonfire Night and Diwali!

Every year when the leaves start turning golden and the wind starts nipping at your heels, you know it's soon time for Bonfire Night. Scarves are tightly wound, toffee apples are bought and wellies are dug out of the backs of cupboards and dusted off, ready to go stomping through a muddy field to watch sparkling firework displays.

However,  this year my mother and I decided to do something different. We went to a Diwali celebration!

Diwali is the 'Festival of Light' and one of the most important festivals in the Hindu calendar. Traditionally, Diwali is marked by the lighting of small clay lamps, the setting off of firecrackers to keep away evil spirits and celebrating with family and friends. It's also often celebrated by setting off fireworks. Luckily for us, the Diwali celebrations in Leicester are some of the biggest outside of India and so Mum and I set off to watch the firework display and soak up some atmosphere!

The 'Golden Mile' in Leicester was bustling with people all heading down to the display. The street was all lit up with Diwali lights and the Hindu temple was covered in twinkling lights!

We settled ourselves in the park and got ready to watch the fireworks. Before long the first one shot into the air. The whole crowd (around 35,000 people!) all 'ooh-ed' and 'ahhh-ed' as it burst into showering sparks.

The display was wonderful- there were a huge amount of fireworks and the display lasted at least 20mins. Not only that, it was free!

I'd definitely recommend going to Leicester for the Diwali celebrations- it's not something you'll see anywhere else in the UK and it's lovely to get involved with traditions from other cultures. Not only that, since Diwali happens around Bonfire night, you can get a double dose of fireworks!

Happy Diwali Everyone! 


  1. Wow, I would definitely go if there was a Diwali celebration like this in London! Looks like fun.

    1. I'm hoping to find something similar in London too- little more convenient than Leicester!
      Glad you enjoyed the post =)


  2. I've seen pictures of Diwali, and I always think it looks like so much fun. Hopefully some day I'll get to go to a celebration!


  3. There were firecrackers galore here in Notting Hill area over the weekend. I would love to attend a Diwali festival properly, hopefully next year :)

  4. Great photo's! Very envious of your double dose of firework celebrations last week. I was travelling for work so no bonfirenight fun for me this year. X

    1. Aw that's such a shame! Hopefully next year?

      KJ x