Friday, 20 December 2013


A couple of days ago, two good girlfriends and I met up for a Christmassy get together. We had planned the perfect Christmas themed day: a lunch trip to the Montague Ski Lodge followed by some casual shopping. However, our plans were thrown into turmoil when, upon arriving at the Montague Hotel, we found the 'Ski Lodge' to be booked out for the entire day with a private event! Feeling slightly deflated, we headed for the only cure- a carb-infested pizza fest! So, Sarah and India took me off to Neil's Yard and introduced me to Homeslice.

Now, Homeslice is one of those places I've been rather excited to visit for a while. Marcus has been a few times before and had entranced me with tales of pizzas so large, no person could possibly eat one on their own! Therefore, my mood perked up dramatically as soon as we were in sight of the front door.

Homeslice didn't disappoint. Shortly after being seated (and a few envious looks at our neighbour's plates) we were presented with a 20 inch monstrosity, half margherita, half lamb shoulder with wine soaked goat's cheese and fresh basil. The base was thin, the crust crispy and the toppings generous. Our appetites hit with full force and the entire thing vanished so quickly, we may have well inhaled it! It was delicious- I could have spent an entire day eating the goats cheese on its own, let alone with the rest of the dish. Before long we were picking at the remaining crumbs.

Completely full and feeling re-inflated, we headed out into the chilly street, feeling bolstered up enough to tackle some Christmas shopping.

I really enjoyed our little trip to Homeslice. The restaurant is small, you eat with your hands and share a table, but I really do feel this adds to the experience- there just is no need for all the little extras when the pizza is so good!

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