Friday, 4 July 2014

Malta: Part Three

Day three's adventure saw us climbing onto a little speed boat and jetting off at top speeds to Comino Island. Comino Island is locally famed for its Blue Lagoon, where the sea is supposedly a stunning shade of aquamarine and the sandy bottom a glittering white. I was quite excited for spending a day sun bathing and soaking up the scenery. But first, the journey there and the caves!

We met at 10am outside our hotel and waited for the mini bus to come and collect us. It was late, but we were expecting this- one thing we've learnt out here is that everyone runs on 'Malta time' which is at least 10-15mins behind the rest of the world. However, it was worth the wait since we met the best bus driver we could have hoped for. He was friendly and determined to tell us everything about every place we passed- I felt we learned more from him in the 30min bus drive than I had from anything else so far!

My top five favourite facts were:

  • Malta is teeny tiny at only about 17miles long and 9miles wide!
  • Apparently, Malta was so heavily bombed in WWII that more bombs were dropped per day on the little island than on London in the entirety of the Blitz! 
  • To escape this bombing, the island residents had retreated to the huge cave networks which run under the whole island.
  • Malta has no naturally sandy beaches. At the end of the Cold War, Russia gifted Malta a load of sand and it has been imported from the Middle East ever since! 
  • A large number of films have been shot on the tiny island, including Troy, The Da Vinci Code, Munich and Midnight Express.  

Don't we all feel more worldly now? 

Our driver stopped and let us all out at one point to see the Popeye film set which was visible from the road. We looked down this cliff and could see all the houses, set around a beautiful bay of some of the most strikingly coloured water I think I've ever seen! However, after our quick photo op, it was time to get back on the bus and trundle off towards our boat. 

Before long, we were clambering into the speed boat and skipping over the waves towards Comino. On the way, we pulled into some rocky areas and got to see some of Malta's dramatic sea caves. 

We then arrived on Comino and I was surprised by just how busy it was! The narrow area around the Blue Lagoon was covered in deck chairs, sharp rock and people- luckily we found a spot when we did- had we been any later, there wouldn't have been room to move! The bay was very pretty (the water a beautiful blue as promised) but the number of people there ruined it somewhat for me. At least the deck chairs were cheap, starting from 5euros for the entire day. However, we made the most of it and spent the day sunbathing and paddling in the crystal clear water. 

All in all, I had a lovely day and was very glad we'd gone on the trip, despite how busy Comino was.  We'd seen some very pretty scenery, the boat trip had been exciting and we'd learnt a lot about Malta. I was also pleasantly surprised to see that food, drinks and deck chairs on the island were cheap, despite the fact that you were trapped there until your boat came to get you and so they could have forced you to pay more for everything. I would definitely recommend visiting, but aim to get there as early as possible to beat the crowds!


  1. Comino is very busy at this time of year, especially with tourists. Infact, I'd rather visit at the end of summer, when children will have started school, and tourists are back home after their summer vacations. You should have posted more photos of the Blue Lagoon. I'm sure you have more :) I never tire of seeing them. It's a lovely place to be. I tend to call it 'our own little Maldives' :)

    Next time you're in Malta make sure to give me a shout on my blog :)

    Have a nice weekend.

  2. Kate that second picture with the houses is a-ma-zing! Lovely post! You look so happy and pretty :)

  3. Aw thank you very much Yara- that's really sweet of you! =)


  4. That sounds like a brilliant idea- I'd love to go again when it's much more quiet. Is it still very warm at the end of summer?

    I most definitely will Ruth =D


  5. Oh yes it is. Temperatures are still warm mid/end October. It starts getting colder by beginning of November...some people still go to the beach for a swim in October/November! I don't! But if you manage to come late September, I think it's the best it's still very warm but more quiet. Or else make it in May or beginning of June ;)