Thursday, 25 December 2014

New York: Lunch at Bergdorf's, Central Park, Gansevoort and Chelsea Market

The following day and a half in New York were a little more relaxed than the former. First up, after spending the morning in search of a good florist, we headed to lunch at BG in Bergdorf Goodman with one of Mum's best friends for her birthday. Here, we joined the ranks of 'ladies who lunch,' while gazing over Central Park, glasses of bubbly in hand. Mum and her friend caught up on over a year's worth of news while I concentrated on eating my food and settled down for some good old people watching. BG was obviously the place to be. There were groups of young ladies, chatting and gossiping away on one table, while at another, older ladies wrapped in their furs and botox sipped at their cups of tea. Even an impeccably dressed elderly couple shuffled in, both pushing along zimmer frames, entourage of helpers in tow! I happily nibbled on my oriental salad while playing a surprisingly entertaining game of 'spot the facelift' with myself. As it turned out, BG's food was good, but the people watching was just top notch!

After having spent our incredibly extended lunch gazing out over the leafy expanse of Central Park, we decided to go for a wander among the trees...

....and spotted some rather unusual wildlife along the way!

Lunch had turned into such a long affair that after a relaxed walk around the park, the evening drew in surprisingly fast. So before long, it was time to go back to our hotel, pack our cases in preparation for our flight home the next day and plan our last morning in New York!

The next morning we rose early. I wanted to show Mum The High Line, an old elevated train line which has been transformed into a long, thin and rather pretty public park.

We walked from its start, right the way down to the Meatpacking district, where we then visited Gansevoort Market and I got introduced to a 'bruffin,' a fabulous foody invention which essentially involves soaking deliciously savoury muffins in soup. Each muffin was themed, its ingredients reflecting a different country. I had a cheesy French muffin, soaked in French onion soup.  I have to say, initially I was a little skeptical, but it turned out to be simply delicious and something I may even try and recreate at home! (Watch this space for a recipe!)

After having eaten our fill, we wandered the area before ending up in Chelsea Market, a fascinatingly quirky arcade of shops. There seemed to be a number of sample sales being held, as well as lots of individual shops to poke our noses into, all which made for a rather entertaining shopping.

Suddenly we realised that it was getting perilously close to our departure time and so it was time to dash back to the hotel, pick up our bags and head to the airport! Almost before we knew it, we were sitting in an aeroplane and flying for home.

New York, as before, had been a whirlwind trip- we'd seen so many new things, revisited some old favourites and discovered places that I know I'll just have to go back to. Our whole trip, from Costa Rica to New York had been absolutely fabulous, a real once in a lifetime experience and one I won't be forgetting any time soon!

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