Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Bunga Bunga in Battersea

A couple of weekends ago, the boyfriend and I were invited to a Blogger's Brunch at Bunga Bunga in Battersea.

All I knew about Bunga Bunga was that it had a reputation for holding all day parties and I should bring my dancing shoes...

We rocked up outside a sleepy looking building at 11:30 in the morning, not quite knowing what to expect. We went inside and were lead to a big corner table next to the bar where jugs of juices and prosecco were already laid out waiting for us.  Then, as the others started to arrive, the food started to appear.

To start, there were platters of cured meats and juicy melon balls. These were followed by larger platters piled high with  mini pastries and fresh warm bread, with pots of jam and Nutella on the side. We tucked in happily while using the jugs of prosecco and juices to mix our own bellinis.

It was lovely being surrounded by other bloggers and, as my boyfriend pointed out, hilarious to be around other people who were all happy to sit there for a while photographing our food before eating it. Well, I thought it was hilarious. Andrew just wanted to eat and thought we were all taking far too long!

Anyway, after most of the pastries had vanished (quite an achievement given just how many of them there were...!), out came the main event. HUGE pizzas, Bunga Bunga style.

It turned out each one was divided into four flavours - 'An Englishman's Breakfast' (sausage and egg), 'Italy's Fun-Guy' (mushrooms and truffle oil), 'The Bunga Royal' (my favourite, with hollandaise, smoked salmon, egg and spinach!) and of course, Margherita.

I was in pizza heaven! Seriously, Bunga Bunga had caught on to something - people need to put more breakfast food on pizza!

By the time we had managed to eat the last crumbs, I had lapsed into a mini food coma. However, pudding arrived and so I had to just force myself to try one of the mini ice cream cones!

Suddenly I noticed the music was getting louder - it was time to party! A rather talented singer took to the bar (she spent most of her time dancing up and down it, dodging cocktail glasses!) and we all hit the floor for a boogie. Well, that was until I spotted the face painter in the corner...

All too soon, it was time for us to leave. Apparently, the karaoke was due to start and I wish I could have stayed all evening but unfortunately it wasn't to be. My whole experience at Bunga Bunga had been fantastic and unbelievably lively for a Saturday afternoon. I had an absolute whale of a time and I honestly cannot wait to return.

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