Saturday, 16 April 2016

Skiing in La Tania

As the weather turns from the chilly bite of winter into the much more affable breeze of spring, I find myself thinking back to the snowy slopes of the French Alps, Or, more specifically, my most recent ski trip to La Tania.

La Tania is a tiny little ski resort set in the Courchevel area area of the Three Valleys.  Reached by crawling your way up the steep mountainside (or by skiing down winding, forest-y slopes), it had some rather good skiing to offer over the expansive Three Valleys ski area.

We were very lucky. Despite going quite late in the season, it absolutely tipped it down with snow before we arrived. This could only mean one thing - powder!

On our first morning, we pulled on our ski boots, clipped on our skis and headed straight out onto the slopes into glorious sunshine!

Our days followed the same pattern - up early to catch that day's freshest snow, demolish a large lunch and ski again until we dropped. Then, back to the chalet to collapse in front of the fire before heaving ourselves to table for a hearty three course meal.

On our second day, we found an amazing little place for lunch which served perhaps the most amazing hot chocolate I have ever had the pleasure to drink.

Look at that pile of cream!

We may have possibly gone back to the same restaurant most days after that....

On the chalet staff's day off, we headed into the little town in search of our own dinner. There, we ordered my favourite dish - a pierrade.

This is where a hot stone is placed on your table, along with a platter of raw meat and sides. Then, you cook your meat yourself at the table.

Not only is this really entertaining, but also tastes amazing!

After dinner, we braved the dark steep climb straight up the ski slopes to get back to our chalet - quite an impressive feat!

I had a lovely time in La Tania, but like all good things, all too soon it was time to go home. As we wound our way back down the mountains, I dreamed of sweetie frosted hot chocolates - surely it couldn't be too long before I returned!?

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