Monday, 8 April 2013

The BodyHoliday: LeSPORT, St Lucia

Unfortunately for my grades, revision time lends itself to daydreaming. One moment you're reading the tiniest detail concerning the correct procedure for obtaining a mortgage, the next you're on a sunny beach somewhere far away from all thoughts of Land Law and potentially failing your exams. In my case, my sunny beach was in St Lucia, a good 8 hour plane ride from where I am now. More specifically, at the BodyHoliday LeSPORT resort where I spent seven glorious days last year with my mother.

There is only one way to describe LeSPORT: heaven.  It's an all inclusive little slice of paradise, where you're pampered to your heart's content and then left to bake in the sun (or play tennis/golf, scuba dive, sail etc... whatever takes your fancy really) and I loved it!

My days there quickly fell into a routine. I'd get up and potter off to breakfast (a delicious array of just about every breakfast food you could imagine) and then snare my favourite poolside spot, just in time to catch the start of the morning aqua aerobics class. This was followed by a spa treatment (you're handed a time table when you arrive with pre-booked treatments, one for each day. Told you it was heaven!) lunch and if I was feeling up to it, another go at aqua aerobics. Then I could be found on my sun lounger with a book and a coconut (the gardener would climb up the tree for us and hack down a fresh one, lop off its head and give us a straw to slurp up all its milky goodness) until it was time to head up and get ready for cocktails and dinner. Total relaxation.

My Mum was a bit more on the active side. She could be found getting up for 6am beach walks, in various yoga classes and then up partying all nights- there were many occasions where I'd turned it at 9pm only for Mum to sneak in at 3am, having been singing around the piano in the bar... Talk about role reversal?!

The whole holiday is built to be the ultimate escape and it obviously works- nearly everyone we met had been once, if not twice or three times before. The focus on you- you can opt in to activities or be like me and focus on some serious R&R, away from the distractions of normal every day life. After a busy and stressful year, this holiday gave me the chance to completely switch off and that was amazing.

I loved many things about my time at LeSPORT- the food was amazing, the spa treatments relaxing, the resort a haven. I especially loved the attention to the little things. For example, our room even had a pillow menu where we could choose exactly what type of down we'd like to rest our weary heads on!

After a stressful year I couldn't have asked for a better holiday, however now that I'm in revision period, I'm wishing I'd had a slightly worse time so that Law looked that little bit more interesting!


  1. You look gorgeous! &beautiful photos:)
    Have a nice day,

    1. Thank you Ada =)
      You too babe!