Sunday, 31 March 2013

Harrods: "All Things for All People, Everywhere"

Some of my earliest memories consist of running around Harrods' toy department at Christmas or being ferried through the Food Hall between the legs of countless shoppers. Harrods was always a shop full of magic and as I've got older the magic hasn't faded, it just moved departments.

Or has it? My sister and I culminated our wonderings in the Disney department. For those not familiar, it's where little boys and girls can go to get the cutest fancy dress or the newest Disney Princess doll and have their wildest dreams come true in a storm of Disney propaganda. Little children and my sister that is.

We may have ended up buying a pair of glittery Cinderella heels. Believe it or not, those little beauties go all the way from the tinsy sizes all the way up to a size eight. Lu is all about glitter so I couldn't really expect her to say no could I? After all, it was her birthday...

 This is my favourite piece- she's called the 'Force of Nature' and I think she's completely stunning. If anyone manages to get their hands on it one day, please send it in my direction! 

In an attempted to be a tad more cultured, we had a quick pop into the Harrods branch of the Halcyon Gallery. Now, I've always been a firm lover of the Halcyon ever since I discovered my favourite sculptor (Lorenzo Quinn) in their Bond Street store, but until recently I didn't know they had a branch in Harrods until I fell into it by accident! Right now, they have a huge collection of Lorenzo Quinn in which I was absolutely delighted by and had great fun rushing (sophisticatedly) between the pieces.

After a long day of art, food and shopping, it was a tired bunch who headed off to the tubes and then home for dinner and a good night's sleep.


  1. You're so lucky to have Harrods. We don't have it in my country. And hey, those are really nice pieces of art! :)

    xx Daphne of

    1. Aw, you'll just have to pop to England to go shopping there! =p And thank you very much- you should check the artist out on google- he's honestly amazing =)