Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Birthday Weekend Part One: Blow Ltd, Pix-Bar and Mahiki

This weekend, two of my lovely friends India and Sarah organised a number of amazing little surprises to celebrate my 21st birthday. So on Friday night, we packed our bags and left university behind us and headed up to London.

Our first stop was was Blow Ltd., the self proclaimed 'home to fast beauty'. Here, the girls treated me to a blow dry and a mini mani. I went for the 'Luxe blow' which left me with gorgeously bouncy hair, and cobalt nails with a glittery statement nail! I was really impressed with the stylists' ability to multitask (one on the nails while at the same time, my hair was being manipulated) and how quickly they managed to complete my 'look'. All in all, it was a great fun, girly experience and needless to say, left us all feeling perfectly primped for the night ahead!

After our visit to Blow Ltd., we rushed home and pulled on our best party dresses (while sipping a little champagne and eating some cupcakes- Fiona Cairns- my favourite!) and headed for dinner.

Next stop was Pix-Bar, a wonderful tapas bar Sarah had found. On hearing it was my birthday, the bar staff instantly rustled  up three glasses of complimentary cava which started our night off beautifully. We then attacked the tapas bar, taking no prisoners. Pix-Bar has a great system for ordering in the simple way that you don't. You just walk up to the bar where all the dishes are laid out, ready for you to peruse and take back to your table. You simply then keep your skewer which then tells your waiter how much you've eaten at the end! Once our drinks had arrived (passion fruit margaritas), we made multiple trips and devoured a plethora of dishes, from seared tuna to meat balls and croquettes, finally finishing on freshly made churros.

I loved Pix-Bar- the food was delicious and the staff were nothing short of fantastic! However eventually, feeling rather full we tottered out, ready to start dancing the night away at the Mayfair Tiki themed club, Mahiki!

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