Monday, 20 January 2014

Introducing Newcastle: a short post on a wonderful weekend

This weekend, I bundled on my thickest socks, my warmest coat and just about every jumper I own and ventured to the top of England to visit some very good friends of mine in Newcastle. I'd never been this far north before and had been warned it's fairly different to the south, especially climate wise! However, slightly apprehensively I ventured forth.

I was treated to a wonderful weekend of entertainment. On the Saturday, we went rock climbing inside a converted church, had lunch at a lovely little Italian where they were doing three courses for a fiver (!?) and sampled the northern nightlife (I was taken to a lovely gin bar, an equally nice pub and then some more studenty establishments, where I was unceremoniously introduced to 'trebles'!). On the Sunday, we decided to get cultured and so after an amazing brunch at the best burger place I've been to in ages, we headed off to the BALTIC- a modern art gallery overlooking the river. After much perusing  (and wishing that I'd thought to stick two nails point to point and sell them to an art gallery) we wandered back through Newcastle just as the sun started to go down, throwing the city into a whole different light.

I really enjoyed visiting Newcastle. My weekend had been full of laughter, good food, interesting places and wonderful people. The city also has a lot to offer and it wasn't nearly as cold as I'd been warned (although maybe I was just lucky!). It's definitely a place I'd be keen to re-visit and have a proper look around.


  1. Aww I'm from the North East so this post has got me missing home! (Currently a little further south, in Yorkshire). I'm always an advocate for the tourism and general greatness of Newcastle and the North East, so I hope you're readers are inspired to go too ;)

    1. Thank you! I have to say I was very impressed by Newcastle and I'm keen to go back- it's nice to see that a local is equally enthusiastic!


  2. This looks amazing!!! Thank you for sharing! Love your beautiful photos :-)