Tuesday, 20 January 2015

The Pancake Café: The Georgian Town House, Durham

Pancakes are famously done best by the French or the Americans. However, hidden away in the very north of England I think I may have found a fairly strong contender: the pancakes served in The Pancake Café at The Georgian Town House B&B.

The menu is quite simple, offering sweet, savoury and breakfast pancakes, each with different toppings. I started off our feast with a little pot of Lady Grey, and then ordered the cinnamon, banana and honey pancake which came with two big dollops of vanilla ice cream...

...while the boyfriend went for a breakfast bacon a maple syrup pancake which came with a large cup of coffee. Yum!

The pancakes themselves were not the super thin crêpes of the French, nor the thick, fluffy American kind, but rather the reassuring slim variety often found cooked up at home on Pancake Day. Mine was then covered in thickly sliced banana, doused in a hefty sprinkle of cinnamon and then smothered in sweet honey, all with a side of the previously mentioned large balls of ice cream- the café was definitely not stingy with their toppings and I was impressed!

Two large pancakes later, we may have also ordered a fruit scone which of course came with clotted cream and jam!

The Pancake Café was a wonderful little haven from the bitingly cold weather outside. Although small, the café itself was charmingly decorated, with the walls covered in murals of the inside of a country house, lending the space a very cozy feeling. The food was really very tasty, the servings unexpectedly big and our whole experience at the café, down to the friendly waitress, was definitely worth the walk through the howling wind and occasional sleet flurry to find it!

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  1. this looks so good, and now I'm absolutely starving!!


  2. I just had pancakes yesterday....for dinner! :o) When I was living in England I used to try to make pancakes for breakfast and my English husband (and his family) would always act a bit surprised and confused....like, why would you want to eat something sweet for breakfast??!

    To each their own I guess! I, for one, love pancakes any old time of the day.


  3. Oh my goodness those look amazing!! I've quit processed sugar for the year, so I'm into making banana pancakes whenever I get an urge! Oh and PS. It's such a pleasure having you on my blogroll - thanks for noticing! x

  4. Oh! My little sister is huge on this 'quitting (the right kind of) sugar' thing at the moment and swears that it has changed her life! She's going to help me with some sugar free recipes for the blog soon so you may be interested in them =)
    And really, thank you! As I've said already, it really was the most amazing surprise and it just made me smile so much!

  5. I love it here, we just love a few miles from Durham and don't go often enough!



  6. the food looks incredible!

    xx danielle // shadesofdanielle.blogspot.com

  7. ooh this is exciting! I like about 20 minutes from Durham!! Will look out for this place next time I'm there. I love pancakes :)

    Emma xx


  8. Beautiful pictures!!!! <3 <3