Monday, 16 February 2015

Maggie's '80s Big Hair Party!

So you know how last post I mentioned that '80s party I had been invited to? Well, last Thursday after work, my friend Rebecca and I hopped on a tube and found ourselves walking down the Fulham Road, not quite knowing what to expect.

Soon, we were entering Maggie's. A union flag lined stairwell took us down into the main club area where we were welcomed by the sound of drums, over the top of cheesy '80s tunes.

The '80s theme was definitely going strong inside as the tables were giant Rubix cubes, the staff bedecked in crazy wigs and the walls were painted with various '80s characters such as Mario and Pac Man. Girls who had got there a bit earlier already had their hair done and were back brushed and crimped to the nines!

Our first stop was the bar where there were tempting platters of orange and pink swirled LaDiDa cupcakes on display (apparently vodka laced and definitely delicious. I may or may not have ended up eating more than three....) We nabbed our '80s themed cocktails (one cosmopolitan, one Moscow mule, both made with Ciroc vodka. Yum.) and then headed straight for the hair stylists who'd set up shop in one corner of the club.

Then, everything was completely out of my hands! My stylist plonked me down in my seat, took one look at my hair and started backcombing it as if there was no tomorrow! After one last suffocatingly large cloud of hairspray, I had a quiff which practically touched the ceiling! I have to say I loved it just a little too much!

Rebecca was also attacked with equal vigour and ended up with a mini crimped pony tail with purple strands! I have to say I thought we looked totally hair-tasic!

Unfortunately for us, Rebecca and I weren't able to stay for as long as we would have liked, but managed to have a bit of a catch up at one of the Rubix cubes and a boogie to the really very fun music. Before long though, it was time for us to have our final sips of cocktail (and just one more cupcake...) before making our separate ways home.

I had a really fun evening at Maggie's. The venue was brilliantly quirky and it was definitely different to my normal kind of night out. Some of the looks I got heading home were completely priceless, but hey, you had to be hair to get it!

P.S- apologies for all the terrible hair puns.... I  think all that hairspray must have got to me!

P.P.S- also sorry for the lack of posts recently- I have just started a new job, am currently in Chicago and life has been hectic! But don't worry, I will get back on it soon!


  1. OMG this looks like such a fun night!! Glad you're back to blogging…been missing it!
    Chicago? YAY!!

  2. Thank you Bailey! Yes the last few weeks have been unbelievably busy (iv just started a new job!) but hopefully should have a more regular schedule now =)

    And yes, a little Chicago post is on its way =)