Monday, 4 February 2013

Baby Fisheye!

As I may have already mentioned, recently it was my birthday and I was lucky enough to  receive the cutest present ever- a baby fisheye lomography camera! I've seen the effect produced by this lens before and have always wanted to have a go myself, so this little beauty is perfect for the job. Not only that, but the effect you get from lomography pictures when they're developed is truly unique- they often show evidence of light leeks and and are over saturated. (Okay okay, this is normally not a good thing in photography, but since we're all digital now, it's exciting.)

Since I've only just become the proud owner of this baby and I have to wait to get the film developed, I haven't got any pictures to show you yet, but I promise I'll put some up in the future! Anyway, isn't half the fun of this kind of old fashioned photography waiting to see what the film comes out like?

Look how cute it is!! 

This is the film I have to use- it's extra small and can only take 24 shots, so I'm going to have to choose carefully what I snap at! The pictures are going to be very trial and error, especially since controlling the exposure time is done simply by holding down the shutter button for longer.

Here's a picture of what my photos could end up looking like. (This is just off the box the camera came in.)

If you've taken any photos using a camera like mine, please comment below with hints and tips- any help would be appreciated! 

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