Friday, 15 February 2013


Since Tuesday was Shrove Tuesday, my friend Gracie came over and we made some mouthwateringly delicious pancakes at a fairly unsociable hour. I would say they were a long shot from gourmet and the calorie count may have gone a bit through the roof, but who cares- there's nothing like a seasonal midnight treat to finish off your day!

We didn't have any scales so the recipe measurements were all down to guess work (I was pretty worried we'd end up with a flour-y mush),  but they came out fine in the end which I felt was pretty impressive!

Mine was smothered in sugar, lemon, ice cream, fudge sauce AND sprinkles which was pretty decadent but all the more delicious for it! Gracie even tried cooking the sprinkles into the batter, but it didn't work all that well- they just lost all their colour and made the pancakes a tad on the crunchy side...

All in all, I had a scrumptious evening and I hope you all did too!

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