Monday, 18 February 2013

"Mars Bar Melts" v Mars Bar Cookies

Jossi and I have a long standing love affair (along it seems, with most of the blogging community) with Rose, AKA The Londoner. In case you're not already affiliated, she  blogs about food, fashion and life in general in a beautifully relatable way (even if you don't have quite the same lifestyle as her) and has inspired many (myself included) to take up blogging. Anyway, one of her posts which has always caught our eye is on mars bar melts which look deliciously sinful, so Jossi and I decided to give them a whirl.

Ours turned out to be scrumptious and the use of cake mix instead of cookie dough added an almost surprising twist- despite the fact we'd whisked up the cake batter, we still expect something much more like a cookie to come out of the oven! Maybe that was a little dim on our part?

But how do these compare to a mars bar cookie? Well, since we made our cookies from scratch, they were marginally more time consuming. Here's how we made them:

one egg
120g butter
220g of fine brown sugar (caster will do if you don't have this)
200g self raising flour
two mars bars
4 or 5 marshmallows (okay we cheated a little and added these in as well...)
A pinch of salt

Very simply bung all of the ingredients into a bowl and mix. You may find it helpful to rip the marshmallows into small pieces and to chop the mars bars quite finely. When they're all incorporated, take small amounts of the dough and flatten it into cookie shapes, then pop them on a baking tray (set them a bit further apart than we did!). Put the tray in oven for about 15 mins at 180°.  Ta-da! You're done!

Okay okay, ours really aren't that pretty, but they tasted amaziiinng!

I have to admit, I'm rather more of a cookie fan- I like the subtle crunch you get when your teeth sink through one and the way they're slightly more on the chewy side than cake. The ones Joss and I baked where truly magical, if rather irregular looking. However, that's not to say I don't like the 'Mars Bar Melts' and they were definitely appreciated by my little sister when I delivered her some this weekend!

Cookies are always better with hot chocolate!


We had loads of spare mixture and decided to get inventive, so we may have combined the two mixtures together and baked a cookie-melt hybrid. These were absolutely fab and definitely worth a try!


  1. Hey lovely, I think the original mars bar melts only need 2 eggs! I haven't made them in a while but think that's the case. Then they come out like cookies. Definitely give them another try - they are incredible!

    1. Thank you Georgina- I'll give them another go with your recommendation!