Monday, 11 March 2013

Anniversary Weekend Part Three: The UCL Freedom Fashion Show

After our Crazy Bear feeding frenzy, M and I headed off to the Freedom Fashion Show. This is run by the member's of UCL's Fashion Society 'UCLU MODO' and showcases the students' designs, all in support of the 'Red Light Campaign', a student started charity which works on raising awareness of human trafficking in the modern world. 

Despite being a student event, the evening kicked off in style! We were greeted with a glass of wine, a hand made goody bag and a red carpet photo. Who says you have to slum it as a student?! 

After a drink or two, we wondered through to the staging area and took our seats. Not long after, the first few bars of music struck up and the models took to the stage.

The quality of the outfits on display was incredibly impressive, especially considering that none of the designers were even studying fashion or design. In fact, on closer inspection of the program we saw many were studying typically time consuming and 'non-artsy' degrees! Many of the designs were beautifully unique and the entire show was very professionally run.

The atmosphere was also electric- everyone seemed to be having a great time, clapping and cheering as the models did their group loops of the run way.

M and I both had a fantastic time and the show exceeded all my expectations. The charity it was supporting also seems to be a very worth while cause, so keep an eye out for them! 

After the fashion show, M and I dropped by a house party to say hello before heading home to snuggle up and sleep- our last anniversary treat would commence next afternoon and we needed our beauty sleep! 

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