Friday, 15 March 2013

OPI: The Man With The Golden Gun

Okay, I'm not someone to rave about nail polish. I mean, I like my nails to look pretty as much as the next girl, but the moment a chip appears I'm not going to whip out my travel pot of polish remover and scrub every last bit off. I'm much more likely to curse the polish for not lasting as long as expected and then just get on with my day.

However, I was lucky enough to be given a pairing of polishes that I can't help get a bit excited about. One is a lovely OPI deep purple colour called 'Ink' and the other is the OPI James Bond special, 'The Man with the Golden Gun.' The first of these I like just because it's a beautifully deep colour which manages to look sophisticated but still fun. Also it takes a good few days for it to chip (I'm told this is common with OPI polishes) which is a massive bonus in anyone's book.

Sorry the photos aren't great!

However, the polish which I have fallen just the tiniest bit in love with is this second polish. In case you're nail varnish illiterate like me, it's essentially a wickedly decadent top coat with a twist- it has 18K gold leaf sprinkled through it! "Okay," you're thinking, "This is ridiculous?!" and I have to say that was my initial response as well. But then I tried it on and I was won over in a number of seconds. The little flecks of gold catch the light, glinting away with every movement of your hands- I have to say I was pretty mesmerised. The consistency of the gold flakes is pretty good throughout the polish so you're not left with uneven looking nails and the top coat lasts for days. All in all, I was surprisingly impressed by this little pot of luxury, especially since my hands now feel like those of a princess!

I also think these two polishes look lovely together- personally I've found the gold looks good on darker colours and also on pale sky blue. Anyway, enough from me- go get your hands on a pot or two and experiment!

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