Saturday, 30 March 2013

Kensington Roof Gardens - Lulu's Birthday Part One

Recently it was my little sister's birthday and to celebrate her achievement of surviving one more year, we went for lunch at the Babylon restaurant at Kensington Roof Gardens. The Roof Gardens are somewhere my sister and I have been wanting to visit for some time now and so we were both rather excited as we arrived.

Meet my sister!

Our little party started off with a round of cocktails- mine was a delicious lemongrass and lychee martini, while everyone else went for longer drinks.

The cute couple

After a couple of sips (and Lu getting a little tipsy!) food arrived. The menu was fairly limited, but everything we ordered was tasty and artfully presented. I had the vegetarian dish which is unusual for me (I'm a complete carnivore, but I thoroughly enjoyed it!).  Everyone nabbed a little nibble off each other's plates and the general consensus was everything was yummy. Then the puddings came and everyone guarded their dishes rather more closely! I had a delicious lemon meringue moose on top of a thin chocolate cake base, with a dainty scoop of pistachio ice-cream on the side which I'd definitely recommend.


All gobbled up!

The atmosphere at the Babylon was chilled but busy and the staff were all friendly. They even brought my sister a little birthday surprise at the end of our meal which was a nice touch!

After our food had settled, we went exploring! The Roof Gardens are delightful to run around after a tasty meal and the view over London is spectacular (even if it was a bit cloudy!).  I tried to make friends with a flamingo, but he was more interested in sticking his head in a pond...

Almost like being in the wild...

The Roof Gardens and Babylon definitely lived up to my expectations and I really enjoyed my time at both so would happily recommend them to anyone looking for a casual, fun place to eat and explore!

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