Sunday, 24 March 2013


So despite it being March, for some bizarre reason we have snow! Baring in mind this is the country where throughout my childhood (when I would have wanted to play in it), I swear there was barely any. Ever. Now however, when I'm more concerned with issues such as 'Are the trains running on time?' and 'Can I get down the motorway to get home?' the heavens decide to open and cover everything in fluffy whiteness. Very pretty but really not all that practical.
Anyway, despite all of this, today I was a bit more enthusiastic about it because I got to see Cambridge dusted with a few flakes! Normally I'm not around to see this and so was excited to realise I would when I woke up this morning. Cambridge is (undisputedly) one of the most beautiful cities in the world and seeing it with this extra little frosting was really rather magical. I just wish I'd got up a little earlier to see it before the day (marginally) warmed up and it melted a little. 

(Sorry there aren't more/better photos- it was really very cold!)

Moving on from the wonders of British weather, I have a little apology to make. That dreaded time of year is upon us again- exam season. This means that for the next five weeks or so, my social life will vanish and I will be buried under piles and piles of books. This means won't be blogging quite so much as maybe I have been over the course of this blog's existence. So for any devoted readers out there (hopefully there's one or two!) I'm sorry and please try and bare with me. With any luck there will be a couple of interesting posts, but don't hold your breath! 

Look how many books I have to read! 

For all those who are also starting to revise, good luck and remember to eat well, sleep well and think happy thoughts- summer is only around the corner after all, although someone may need to remind whoever's organising the weather..!

(Also it's coming up to Easter and who doesn't like chocolate eggs!?)

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