Thursday, 14 March 2013

Owls Everywhere (and a penguin...)

Since my DIY Valentines post a month ago, I've had a couple of requests (/tantrums) from friends asking for a little owl of their own. Well, needing an outlet for all my excess creativity *cough* I took to my sewing machine once more and rustled up a couple of companions for Hoots.

I have to admit, I'm seriously impressed with myself- they just look so cute!

I nearly went as far as making up an entire family tree for them, but then thought that would be a little weird eccentric...

Jossi when I first told her she couldn't keep Hoots

The new editions to the family (and an adopted penguin)

Look how confuddled he looks!?

Family portrait 

These little birds have now all flown the nest and gone to their new, loving homes. But who knows when they might end up with some new cuddly additions to the family!  

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